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Redefining the Rules.

We’re used to team development being an exclusive service - only granted a few lucky teams.
Teamr rewrites those rules - completely.

Teamr is the world’s first fully digital team development, which means:
No conferences.
No consultants.
Just a tailor made smart process which fits in the every day - and gives results.
Incredibly effective.
And finally: Team development for everyone!


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The world’s first fully digital team development.

Teamr is a one-step-at-a-time team development process, where the team themselves take responsibility for their development, with clear support.
The team does this by agreeing on improvements, which are scientifically based and tailor made for each individual team.
A digital team adventure. Integrated into the every day.

Along the way they’ll have two types of support:
The Teamr app in their hand - which is there 24/7.
And one Teamr Coach next to them - who can offer support when needed.

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Based on stable cornerstones.

Teamr is based on four corner stones, from research and experience regarding team development and behavioural changes:

Intergrative Model of Group Development. The Teamr process™ is adapted according to the maturity of the team and works to increase it, with a strong starting point in the research done by Dr Susan A. Wheelan.

Team Quality Survey. The action based team measurement tool which sorts through the needs of the team and decides what assignments the team should work with.

The ABC- model. Teamr is also based on the ABCs of behavioural sciences: to Activate new Behaviours and give Consequences, for example in the form of continuous follow ups.

Tiny Habits. Teamr triggers small, adjustable behavioural changes in the team - inspired by the Stanford professor B. J. Fogg.

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How Teamr works.


The gaming inspired app Teamr guides the team through a clear development process, as a clear guide for the team and its leader. It shows them what they need to do, step by step.
The team is supported by five systems within the app.

Team Quality Survey

The measurement tool helps the team see their development and customises the process.


The key to development. Here, the team is supported to agree on smart changes.


Every agreement the team makes is regularly followed up: Are we really doing what we agreed we would do? What should we change to succeed?

Tips & praise

Teamr strengthens what the team is good at - but it also gives advice on what could be better.


What can I do to contribute to making our every day better within the team - or more sparkling?

During the journey, the team is also supported by a real Teamr Coach, who follows, supports and triggers the team from a distance.
This is enough to develop most every team - and take them from an immature to a more mature and efficient co-operation.

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Power to the people.

The result of this - completely new - way of working with development is powerful. Teamr makes team development in volume 50 times* more efficient than any other established process.

At a fraction of the usual cost, the team increases their performance by over five percent*, if they spend on average only 15 minutes per week on the Teamr Process™.

This creates stunning possibilities.
For the first time ever, team development can become a possibility for the many. Even those who previously didn’t have the time. Circumstances. Or money. Now there’s only one condition: That they’re working together as a team, and want to become better together.

*according to pilots done at international organisations

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For those who strive to do lots.

Everyone can use Teamr. But it is within the bigger organisations that Teamr changes the rules. In a completely new, extremely cost effective and organisation oriented way.

The fact that Teamr is a digital process is of course one of the keys. The other one is that one member of the team, who we call the process leader, gets three things:
- A bigger responsibility for the process.
- Training, to be able to take that responsibility.
- The support of their Teamr Coach.

Let’s play around with a simple, yet breathtaking, mathematic regarding the Teamr Coach and the capacity within a larger organisation. The internal Teamr Coach Charlie dedicates only one day per month to starting and supporting teams in Teamr. That day, they can easily onboard and support 10 process leaders, and they can do this 10 months of the year.
That’s 100 Teamr processes per year.
Which benefits 1000 co-workers.
Who becomes more efficient. Feel better. And deliver at a higher quality.

We train your Teamr Coaches.
You change the circumstances for the future.
That’s the deal.

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We’re proud to charge a fee.

See the different price models here!

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One click away.

Right now, you’re only one click away from Teamr.
Here is the button to make us contact you - to tell you more and to ask some questions.

Here are some of the questions we’d like to find answers to togehter:
- Are you going to own the process yourselves and have internal Teamr Coaches, who starts and supports your teams? - We love that!
- Or would you like to hire someone external to do that? - We have a really good network for this.
- Would you first and foremost like to see this as efficient team development - or as extremely practical leader training “on the job”? - We know that it’s both of those things, but are more than willing to discuss design and planning with you!
- Would you like to start with one test pilot or do it all at once? - We’ve seen benefits of both approaches.

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We’ve cracked the code together.

Teamr is developed by Skillnad AB, who have worked with systemic team development for more than 10 years. We’ve done this together with some of the wisest and bravest people and organisations we know.

Scania, Telia Company and ICA are all organisations at the forefront. Who knows that people who are good at co-operating in their teams are also the people who creates the future.

Together we’ve created Teamr, using four different ingredients:
Science - especially the lengthy research of psychology professor Susan A. Wheelans, regarding how groups develop into teams.
Empiricism - experiences from thousands of team developments where we’ve systemically measured the activities that give the biggest development for teams.
Smart algorithms- where the behaviours and answers from the team customises the development journey the team needs.
High end game development- which creates motivation and desire in a digital world.

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The brave everyday heroes.

This is what some of the first people to work with the fully digital team development Teamr says about the tool:

It’s a fun, interactive way, not some freaking powerpoint. To get some consensus, we write and check in on each others reflections. Creates consensus in what we talk about, and that’s a big advantage
Team member, Scania
Yes, I think it’s very supporting and it makes team development very exciting! I recognise patterns and can put my finger on what I/we need to do
Member of a team of teachers, Trelleborg
It has created a fondness for the job and it clarifies what we need to work on
Headmaster, Trelleborg
Teamr helps me because it makes us talk more about the group and its development
Process leader, ICA
It defuses the word team development, and it helps us do that little thing to move in the direction we want to go. We take small steps, it creates questions to discuss regarding our development. A “sense of urgency” - Is this the most important thing? - Yes, it is!
Team member, Scania
What I think is the best part of Teamr is the exploration. It visualised the areas where we want to better ourselves
Team member, Swedish authority
It creates a frame for how to work with team development, but it doesn’t replace the work the boss has to do!
Process leader, Scania
It makes talking about the less obvious things part of the everyday, it sheds light on what we don’t usually talk about, and makes it more lively now. It doesn’t feel like a burden, we achieve improvements we can live with.
Process leader, Scania

You too can become a Teamr.

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